Sweet Surrender

She makes me cry.

I watch her trace the scars
that crisscross pale wrists,
I want to lick them.
Clean the wounds of her soul
with my tongue, until she hurts
no more.

She needs me
to be her strength,
to be there,
until she is better.

About Fatesjoke

You can now find me and my stuff at www.fatesjoke.com
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5 Responses to Sweet Surrender

  1. woih says:

    very familiar writing…dig it.

  2. woih says:

    ….the experience. Or at least the expeience that I connect with it. Very, very, VERY similar expeiences. Immediately was drawn into its’ world.

  3. Robert Sloan says:

    This is wonderful. I couldn’t decide whether the point of view character is a vampire or a cat. Then again, they have a lot in common.

    My cat licks all my scars, whether they’re on my skin or not. Thank you for writing this.


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