Shift In Time

Each Thursday she came to the graveyard. The massive gates stood ajar.
last nights rain had brought down all the leaves.
putting aside her buttercups that he loved so much
she busied herself with cleaning broken twigs and leaves.
from time to time she would stop and softly touch the
letters she loved so much and whisper his name once or twice.
soft tears would well in her eyes when she thought of all the
time that had passed and how solid was the ground that separated them.

Funny how easily the hurt and longing was still so fresh.
suddenly the gloomy day broke and she was surround in a rainbow
of lovely colors. She had to squint to see what she was doing
so bright and alive were the colors. Her buttercups forgotten,
all she could see was a dim figure haloed in swirling beauty.
then a pale thin hand reached out for hers. A soft voice, his voice
called out her name. Emily oh Emily my love, come my love come we have but a flicker of time.
As she stood before him and saw the shift in time. He whispered do not be afraid. She slipped into his waiting arms, buttercups forgotten.
Come lie down beside me that we might share eternity as one.
Side by side they lay together. His soft words filled her mind.
Do not be afraid my dear for this was meant to be. The shift closed and they were gone.


About Cassiopeia Rises

I am an artist and a poet writing and living in NYC.
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