She came in
Chartreuse fluffy boots,
Licked the smile across
Her face,
flicked her bangs,
sashayed and sauntered
strode and fluttered until

Licked some guys with
Her fists
Later in the
Parking lot. With good
Reason, given their

Inappropriate comments. Lucky me


Kept my mouth
Shut. She said she
Liked my smile then later
She liked some
other parts
of me until
I gave her a little
Nibble and she

gave me a

– Sean Monaghan

About Sean Monaghan

Writer. Voracious reader.
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5 Responses to Vamp

  1. Angel Zapata says:

    This is dynamite. I love the play on words…licking for pleasure and for violence.

  2. Cool, thanks Angel – it was fun.

  3. Love it. Great pace, smooth rhyme, and subtleties in the word choice.

  4. Thanks. Words are just the thing.

  5. ashbeezone says:

    Gr8 Thought ..
    Take a look on my work
    A Poetry for the Nation ..
    !! Happy rally !!

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