I hate Goodbyes…

I’m lost amidst a mist of loneliness

And I don’t know where I should go,

My heart is fragile, it’s almost broken,

And I have lost sanity in me too

I hear the songs of dead nearing me,

They want me to join with them now,

I feel their sadness, I feel their pain,

I want to run and join with them too

I have lost those who were near me,

I have lost those who were dear,

All I have is this unbearable melancholy,

And silence which make my blood cold

When all hope’s lost, no point in living

It’s just an unbearable pain,

It’s as if you die each minute alive,

This silence kills you too

Goodbye, that is all I can say,

Although I hate Goodbyes,

I may be not lucky to be,

In your life and  maybe it’s true


About Dakshi

Lost my love.. (Not writing in this blog anymore.)
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