Clocks don’t bother me, “still” time waits for no man. Nothing is permanent, but we could be eternal. Separate we decay in dismay and our own dismal circumstances. But together we are peace incarnate calm, balanced is our valance electrons. What is parallel to time? Does the hour-glass judge its own reflection? Does the clocks of our grandfathers make their own interjection? Nothing can be short of perfection.    Neglection is  perfected in me it’s my muse my chi..reality is perceptive and time is only relative and what then is left, but me

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3 Responses to Clocks

  1. “Does the hour-glass judge its own reflection?”

    interesting. altogether very likeable. nice.

  2. “balanced is our valance electrons”

    Love it.

  3. curtdiggity says:

    thanks so much!! i really appreciate it…oh and penchirpsrhetorric you know i love you!!!

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