Floating above the clouds,
Lightheaded, blurred vision.

The pain was numbed out of existence,
Though a dull ache lives on,
Pounding its way to the surface,
Only to be pushed back by the pills.

Like floating underwater,
Hearing distorted, nay, completely unheard.

The stars, they beckon me softly,
I rise and silently float towards them.
I reach out to them with all my might,
But find myself falling through the air.

It always feels like flying,
Before you hit the ground.

My senses were dulled by these white tablets,
These drugs encased in antibiotics,
Blue pills to bring about a dazed state,
Medicines to confuse the mind.

What remains of this state of mind?
When all is lost to oblivion.

Commands go unheard, none listen,
The mind can see and feel in slow motion,
The signals never reach the muscles,
For they never leave the safe haven of the brain.

I have reached the zombie state,
Waiting un-dead, thoughtless.

Breathing comes easy, sleep easier,
Above all is the lightheaded feeling,
And I cannot feel my feet,
As I glide slowly towards my destination.

Yet the destination waits, forsaken,
As the mind lets out a sigh.

About deadpoet88

I talk a lot...I write and think a lot too!
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1 Response to Painkillers

  1. Oh, I liked this very much. Great read.


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