The Innocent Flower…

Understanding a human being

Is the hardest thing on earth,

Knowing one’s intention

Is impossible in this world

Since many ‘look like the innocent flower’

But underneath they are the most venomous snakes

Face does not show ‘mind’s construction’

Many lie and continue to live that till they die.

Many are full of deceit,

They just lie without blinking the eye,

They show all the goodness,

But inside it’s like an empty vessel,

They smile the sweetest smile,

But underneath they are plotting,

Way of taking your life

They just backstab you,

When you turn away from smiles,

Sometimes when difficult time comes,

Your closest friend,

Become your nemesis,

You must keep yourself safe,

Not lulled by their disguise,

Guard your soul from their hatred,

Taking it is their final fantasy,

Trust is a dead word in this cruel world,



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2 Responses to The Innocent Flower…

  1. Oh, I can realte to this wonderful poem. So many of use see it not. Well done.


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