To Sleep in a Cradle of Ticking Hands

This house has swallowed me whole and I keep waiting to be spat out for the bitter taste I leave behind but, here I am still heaving myself off the mattress. My hip moans a reminder of how fucking old I’ve become and wretched bones crack a giggle. I’d curse them too, along with Charlie for laying his ass right at my heels, always tripping me up, but I don’t. No matter how worthless they are,
they’ve kept me going

I gag at the smell of scrambled eggs, I never cared much for them but its one of the finer things they pack in the cardboard box. Sunday plates, heavy with forgive me money and all they offer me is spam and eggs. Who needs a brick of cheese anyway.
Do you know boy? I didn’t think so.

The dishes can wait

Dark brew and a disturbing view, Audrey Obnoxious sprawled over her flower bed. Her perennials, taunting me. Smiling and laughing like arrogant little gals, all glowing and happy, turning up their noses. When she’s gone, I’ll send my cocker over to give them a good watering.

That’ll shut them up

It’s ten a.m. now and Birdie makes her hourly visit, just for a minute she sings and reminds me to take my medicine. Same old nagging, day in and day out. Then she’s gone again, to sleep in a cradle of ticking hands.
While I watch mine wrinkle

The pit of my stomach clenches as I ring my hands, watching the mailman fill my box with money hungry vultures. Who would mourn me? Charlie?
He won’t be too far behind anyway, for chasing fast cars and pussy cats. Same reasons Judith left.

Yes, this house has swallowed me whole and its time now,
I must be leaving

About Kellie Elmore

Kellie Elmore is an American Author and Creative Photographer from East Tennessee. When she isn't writing, you can find her behind her Nikon. This is her personal blog. Welcome!
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5 Responses to To Sleep in a Cradle of Ticking Hands

  1. Jodi MacArthur says:

    This is a great flash, Kellie. Love it. 😉 I’m a crazy gal too, lets join forces.

  2. Wow, there is a lot here. First, the changing connection between the emotionality of the narrator and her description of what she sees is fantastic. Keeps everything else engaged and important. Second, your final 2 stanza’s are a great reversal of innuendo from old & tired to tired & ready to go. Using “nag” to describe the song birds reminder to take your medicine (and get better? or postpone death?) was an inspired choice. Loved everything but the last line… you’ve already said in so many words “it’s time to leave” so I reread the poem stopping on the second to last line. Left a much stronger ending where the reader is left unsure if we’ve seen the last day of the character or just one in a long line of days leading to the end. At any rate, like I said, there is a lot here and a great read.


  3. Wyoming Diva says:

    Fast paced and breathless story!

  4. This is an outstanding bit of writing. Great story and so realisitic!

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