Coward With Bruised Knuckles

Refusing resolution, you’ve drawn the fists

Hungry for conflict and disgusted by peace

Savage beat-downs simpler than therapy

Too complex for the putrefied mind we have here

Masturbating on a badly drawn picture of Jesus

Painted with your own festering feces

“God damn those who preach kindness!”

Obnoxious war cry of the drama student

Your cheeks are red, your knuckles are blue

Just mascara covering the frightened child within

About Robert J. W.

Poet, author, photographer, digital artist
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3 Responses to Coward With Bruised Knuckles

  1. “Obnoxious war cry of the drama student”

    Oddly enough, this does remind me of drama class back in the day. I like your reference to mascara it adds that umph you are going for. Well done.

  2. woih says:

    good job is easier to swing than to see

  3. Cassiopeia Rises says:

    Very powerful words. It takes a strong poet to voice them. Great read.


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