Without punctuation

The gates have shut
Walls have risen
Kicked in the gut
In this mindless prison

I feel remorse… I confess

Bound and gagged
Chained and beaten
My body dragged
And soul all eaten

I am punished… I bear

No ounce of scope
For my release
Within, I mope
While on my knees

I need freedom… I escape

Surrounded by sea
But I can’t swim
Hopes to be free
Are very dim

I feel challenged… I try

This menacing ray
Filling my cell
Sounding too gray
Like a resounding knell

I am afraid… I craze

I’ve tried to run
But all in vain
Faced by a gun
I’m trapped again

I feel helpless… I fail

Now none to bait
Nothing to pry
So I lie in wait
To rot and die

I give in… I finally give up…

About Kavita

I write my thought Futile or not It matters not much For my heart's such
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12 Responses to Without punctuation

  1. this is wonderful. the rhyme is just amazing!

    “Bound and gagged
    Chained and beaten
    My body dragged
    And soul all eaten”

    i love this one. it’s absolutely wonderful! 🙂

  2. curtdiggity says:

    This is amazing…Kavita i would tell you your talented but that would be beating a dead horse….You inspire me everytime you write.. don’t stop writing, not for you but for me….awesome!!

    • Kavita says:

      Awww… thanks for the encouragement, CurtDiggity… you are too kind! I am not going to stop writing… and DEFINITELY NOT after what you said! 🙂
      Glad you liked this poem, CD.. thank you so much!! 🙂

  3. woih says:

    “Now none to bait
    Nothing to pry
    So I lie in wait
    To rot and die”

    I know it may be off the mark here…but this keeps bringing up somatic bodywork/meditation to me.

    All the way intense Kavita…like always. No holding back…
    That is inspiring.Thank you

  4. dafearon says:

    Very melancholic and heartfelt words

  5. Grim as the reaper, Kavita. Enjoyed the rhyming innocence on such darkness.

  6. Cassiopeia Rises says:

    Oh but this is wonderful Kativa. Dark and scary. Love it.

    The Beloved Dreamer account is no longer me. I have hidden it but it keeps coming back.I don’t know why. My wordpress blog is http://cassiopeia'sblog.wordpress.com. I think that is mixed up also. That’s why I do not like WordPress and use blogger. My blogger account is
    http://cassiopeiarises.blogspot.com. You can find me poems by hitting my avatar.

  7. Olivia says:

    I told you- I’ll come and read.. 🙂 I did that today.. Let me get over with NanoWriMo and then……… 😀

    I am such a slacker- I had to post it at my Blog too.. Holy Horned Herbivores (I hope I am not hitting any religion here.. LOLsss)

    Love xxx

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