Unveiled Shadows

Locked in tight embrace
His shoulder held her face
Beyond, a midnight sky
Through windows standing high

On opening her eyes
She saw a spectre rise
Cloaked, it loomed ahead
A body, then the head

The eyes that held her gaze
Now set her soul ablaze
She stood there paralyzed
‘Is this him?’ she agonized

The phantom flashed a smile
It was without the guile
She knew what she had seen
But how could it have been?!

She feared about the worst
Her heart about to burst
Then loosening that weld
She saw whom she had held

The man sunken in her hug
Was just a faceless thug
And the ghost that seemed to glow
Was the one that loved her so!

About Kavita

I write my thought Futile or not It matters not much For my heart's such
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9 Responses to Unveiled Shadows

  1. last_lines says:

    Love this poem Kavita! Your words never fail to move me…

  2. Jodi MacArthur says:

    This reminds me of All Hallows Eve coming up. Nothing like that phantom face of a long lost love. Did you see the movie The Innocents? Reminds me of that. Cool.

    • Kavita says:

      Haven’t watched Innocents.. you just gave me an idea.. thanks Jodi! 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the read…
      I guess it was the Hallows effect playing on my mind as well.. 🙂

  3. Rätsel Ewig says:

    “On opening her eyes
    She saw a spectre rise
    Cloaked, it loomed ahead
    A body, then the head”
    great piece!

  4. curtdiggity says:

    I like this Kavita…a little bit out of your realm but don’t stop….go there!! you know you tuff!!

  5. woih says:

    awesome writing…

    “Then loosening that weld”…that’ll stick with me for a while

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