Messenger of Death…

I have moved on

You gave me no choice

When you ripped my once beating heart

I have gone

I have gone to heaven

And I looked down

And then I saw you

I could read your mind

I see your head down

You face look tired and dejected

I saw once you looked at the sky

Are you in search of my soul?

Oh, I see you and I feel

I feel your pain,

I can see what’s in your heart

I can see you cry everyday

Are those tears for me

Or do you pity yourself

That I can not say

May be you missed me

May be not

I guess you are a mess now

Oh, why did you killed me

Why killed the heart that loved

And why you just walked away?

I see you, but can’t touch

I feel you but can’t talk

I am with you everyday

Look at what you have done,

Without second thoughts

Now you suffer everyday

I am happy

Since I have done no wrong

And I have no regrets

I loved you

I cared

I gave everything I can

And death is just nothing to me

I embraced death

With open arms,

As you were my messenger of death

You killed me, mercilessly

You killed me and now alone

I feel sorry for you

I will be here, I will be in heaven

And I will look at you

Do not sigh now, there is no point

But it’s impossible to fool your own self


About Dakshi

I thought I was in love, till I met you. I love you, so much...
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2 Responses to Messenger of Death…

  1. last_lines says:

    Very powerful words…Haunting…Reminds me of of one of my favourite poets, Emily Bronte when she wrote a poem on how her lover would miss her and mourn her if she died…

  2. Kavita says:

    Intense and strong!! Guilt is indeed pointless… and it’s all very well said here!
    A beautifully written poem!!

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