A Bit Closer To Heaven

I remember the snowflake dancing on my neck

Like a figure skater carving death threats in ice

The cold wouldn’t faze me, not what I am now

Happiness died on the floor of my home years ago

Crimson jewelry decorated my love, a junkie’s catharsis

My child now dreaming green in a tipped-over crib

The world has become as New York City

Frozen in it’s own animosity, tainted with noir

Screams of my family pushing toward the final word

A bullet screaming in it’s trail to the witch responsible

Maybe I would find solace in the Valhalla of revenge

Maybe I would finally wake up from the American Dream

About Robert J. W.

Poet, author, photographer, digital artist
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2 Responses to A Bit Closer To Heaven

  1. Angel Zapata says:

    Strong imagery. That second line is like a left hook to the mind.

  2. This visuals in this piece relay to the emotions making it very powerful. Well done.

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