I’m in Heaven…

I was among the dead

With an unexplainable pain

Where my soul was crushed and torn,

And I could not remember anything

Just Wanted to sleep forever

That was my final wish

I opened my eyes

There was a light

A light much much brighter than the sun

There was warmth, a warmth I never felt before

Warmth that was so inviting

I thought I was going to hell,

A darker scary place

Where all is ruled by evil,

Where people suffer,

Where people cry,

Where pain is meant to be

Gosh, I’m not there

But in a sunnier place

Where I thought could be heaven

All my pain is gone,

My troubles forgotten

As if I got a new life,

A new life

I smile, I laugh

I pray with all my heart

I am happy and I am glad for myself

I know I’m stronger

I know who I am

And I’m glad

That I am in heaven


About Dakshi

Lost my love.. (Not writing in this blog anymore.)
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One Response to I’m in Heaven…

  1. dafearon says:

    Beautiful and inspirational

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