Death may put fear
in the eyes of many
but it intrigue me to
go deeper into
obsession with
death and his mate

Ars Moriendi
Into a world of death
The art of dying
To die well and ascend to
Heaven with blessing
Death has a good side

Avoid the lack of faith
Triumph over despair
and be patient
Greed and Pride
shall be put away
behind to welcome
a new world of peace

Friends and family should pray
while the devils and angels
fight over the dying soul
which emerge from his mouth
to truly receive his judgement
and meet the
Angel of Death

I am taking on another roll towards the death corner here, the word came from the website of SaveTheWords once again. Nerterology is the studying related to death and the underworld which immediately trigger my mind to think of Ars Moriendi somehow (The Art of Dying in English they called it), I remember last year I was playing this game called “Memento Mori“, the game centers around an ancient Order, who is oblivious to all except a handful of artistic insiders. The Order main role is to prevent certain paintings from being reveal into the world and they referred to a translation medieval art “Ars Moriendi” which related how man, on the point of death can see the Angel of Death. I went to check out Ars Moriendi and found out that it was actually like a death sort of “bible” and I managed to find the English translated text which kind of inspired me to write this poem :3, hope everyone enjoy this^.^

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2 Responses to Nerterology

  1. Jodi MacArthur says:

    What a cool trigger. When I read the word Nerterology, I thought of something that needs to be done to my cat! Seriously though, this is a neat poem. Angels and Demons fighting over a spirit. Thank goodness they can’t be torn in half.

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