time to go

His father spoke;

“It’s the deadliest creature in the world.”

But it gave water grace simply by its presence

His mind melted towards her

He tried to turn it away

Again and again, he tried to turn his mind away

She’s the loveliest creature I have ever encountered

Never could I have dreamnt of such a creation as you

For you, life leaves it slumber and resumes it’s dance

These were his thoughts

But she was gone

He now felt the reality of his fathers’ words


About woih108

learning how to love unconditionally.
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6 Responses to time to go

  1. dafearon says:

    “For you, life leaves it slumber and resumes it’s dance”

    That’s beautiful!


  2. Kavita says:

    oh my my… but how would he ever know unless he experienced it himself?!
    Sometimes, one HAS to learn the hard way.. no?

    Lovely one…

  3. Jodi MacArthur says:

    I love the way the words and thoughts flow here. Why is it that loveliness and deadliness often coincide?

  4. woih says:

    I think maybe they both ride the same line, ya know? One is the cause eventually to experience the other….
    But definitely, in this case, her loveliness prompted his pain deadliness

    thanks for the read

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