Scarlet festival

Midnight descends upon us
darkness embrace your cold body
your last verses resonate in my mind
a poem of sorrow
your blood flows so beautifully
a scarlet festival
I wanted to ruin you
to bring you with me to the depths of hell
a vivid unending paradise
of pain and suffering
You loved me so deeply
craved for your nails in my flesh
as they discovered everything about my soul
I wanted to ruin you
those alluring
devilish blue eyes
that made me get lost in the endless sky
your rose filled scent
always made me go crazy
I bit your neck softly
felt the blood pulsating in your veins
those lips that belonged to me
I wanted to ruin you
yet you went ahead without me
So I give it to you
a last smile
before my own scarlet festival begins

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2 Responses to Scarlet festival

  1. Kavita says:

    oohhh… a deliciously chilling read!! (shivers)
    LOVED the title! Most apt for the poem….

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