Last words…

 ( Reply to the (Not so cold blooded Murderer)

Yes, you have killed me

And it makes you a murderer,

You killed me cold bloodedly,

You just stabbed,

How could you just do it

How could you while looking into my eyes

And now you tried to erase the memory

I wonder, ‘ why it is so hard for you, you could have ask me to let go’

It took few seconds to stab me

To kill me,

Why, oh why?

You feel guilty?

No one knows that you have stabbed me

Only me, and I am just a memory

A memory that has no significance

A memory that fades away

Why didn’t you ask me to leave

I would hesitate, yes, but if it’s what you wanted

I would have respected your wishes

And I would go

I treated you so high,

You were up in the sky,

But what you did made you just another mortal

I see you, but you don’t

I feel your pain,

I wish I’d be there to console you

You killed me, yes you did

But I have not changed

I’m still that shadow

Who hated to leave you

I still care

Do you remember my last words

I told you I would be there

Till death do us part

But here I am

Even death could not make me go

Even though you tried so

I am there, I am with you

Will be forever…


About Dee

Not writing in this blog anymore....
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