Confessions of a not so cold blooded Murderer

(Answer to the poem “My Blood”)

You were just a kid,

A mere, naïve kid,

Who asked too many questions,

You loved me, yes; you loved me very much,

It was no a secret to the world,

You cared for me, always there for me

It was a pain, it was a burden,

I wore a mask, a mask to hide my pains,

But you found out that I was in pain and you questioned,

You wanted me to be happy,

Everyday you tried your best,

But it was a hard task for me to do

I was mad, mad at you,

For been so nice to me,

I wanted you to go,

But you did not,

You were like my shadow,

You never got angry or mad,

It’s just because you loved me so and I was so blind

But my cruel vicious mind

Wanted freedom,

Wanted wings,

Wanted to break away from you,

One day I decided,

That you should go,

Once and for all,

And I executed my master plan

I lulled you in to my home,

You were so happy, I see

Then suddenly I

Stabbed you,

I remember your eyes,

You could not trust your own eyes,

They were filled with pain and shock,

And Tears

Your blood was in my hand,

Your warm blood was in my hand,

Then I saw you fall near my own feet,

I didn’t laugh, as you said,

I was starting to regret,

But you were dead in your own pool of blood

I tried to wipe the blood,

But no water could wash but I tried,

I was guilty and I was shaking as if I’m mad,

I destroyed the heart that loved me,

I stabbed the heart that trusted,

I should not but I have done it,

And it’s done

Now I confess but there’s no point

Everything is said and done,

And most of all

You are among the dead,

And I can’t take you back

I cry, in pain,

I remember you, I’m insane

But I’m late,

I have become a murderer.


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4 Responses to Confessions of a not so cold blooded Murderer

  1. I love it!<3 Don't mind being the murderer of this poem seriously =3

  2. curtdiggity says:

    OKAY!!!! now i get it…(im a little slow) this made my day complete

  3. Kavita says:

    OUCH!! But WOW!!
    This was chilling, but totally awesome!
    What a story!

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