A little “Woeful Wednesday” Zombie Challenge fun…

Since it is Woeful Wednesday, how about a challenge? Our theme for the day will be Zombies.
Create and post your own Zombiku (A Zombie Haiku) or Zombinacci (A Zombie Fibonacci Sequence Poem)

Brains (a Zombiku)

Brains are magical
Brains can really make your day
Brains are good for lunch

Brains (a Zombinacci)

See brains
Eat the brains
Brains taste very good
I love to eat the tasty brains
The tasty brains I eat keep me in the zombie way

And remember to use the #undeadpoets hashtag if you Tweet today.
Your challenge begins…now!

(Brrraaaaaaiiiinnnnnsssss!…I mean, Rhyme on!)

About Tim Keeton

Flashfiction published by Seedpod Pub. Poetry appears in Read Write Poem 2010 Anthology. Founder & creator of the Undead Poets Society
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5 Responses to A little “Woeful Wednesday” Zombie Challenge fun…

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  3. fest is complete without the deliciously undead Those creepy, gray, fleshed beings we know as zombies have been after human flesh for decades. Mercedes Poetry

  4. Jodi MacArthur says:

    Brains are magical.

    Damn. I wish I had some.

  5. deadpoet88 says:

    whoa…both are awesome! 😀 Zombie zombie!! braaaaaiiiinnnnnnsssssssssss!! 😀

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