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The Curtain Of Your Being

My hands open the curtains of your being I have loved you long these many years Our hearts entwined, growing together I have memorized the touch of your fragrant silken skin Each curve a tender path that I must travel … Continue reading

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Peaceful descent…

As soon as I posted this poem on my blog, I realized how much it belonged in the Undead world… So, here it is… She slit throats just for fun For paltry sums, she would stun She called handsome men … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Act…

The man’s breathing had grown labored. That was to be expected, and so it was. The man of five foot six had grown larger than life – accomplished in what he set out to do. Just like a real man … Continue reading

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The End…

I tried So hard And still am Trying like mad But You are blind Or you Just pretend You Don’t see How I Care Fed up, tired It’s going no where This can’t go on I have to stop this … Continue reading

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Art of Destruction

The festival of bullet rain begins as we wield the weapons of fate let the celebration start as blood spatter across the land Tanks rampage the fields Weapons demonstrate their will Blood spatter like it is free People fly up … Continue reading

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I am nothing

I am nothing. Even if I don’t move, the world will still shift, the wind will still blow, time will still roll. I am but a single feather, unable to fly on its own, fated to fall slowly towards the … Continue reading

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Flashing Red Neon

Cool blue mesh, white powder high flashing red neon sizzling hot summer night junkie whore sprawled across a torn mattress wet satin slip peeling from her skin track marks decorate rail thin arms crushed beer cans spilled to the floor … Continue reading

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Posted on August 18, 2010 by Cassiopeia Rises I can still see your eyes In the deep velvet vault of night Deep blue light in the milky way In the moons misty blue ring As I lay spellbound Watching the … Continue reading

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She holds the gun to her head. Finger on the trigger, hammer cocked back. Tears slide from her eyes, down her cheeks and into her open mouth. Blood drips from her open wrists. Drip Drip Drip Watching the clock, she … Continue reading

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I Can’t Breathe When I think Of you And It makes my whole life Turn upside down I miss you so much My heart ache When does this pain end? Can’t wait more No more….

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