Don’t cry for me when I’m gone…

Don’t cry for me when I’m gone

I loved you with all my heart

I tried to make your world brighter

But may be its tough chance

You may not see what’s in front of you

But you would see when it’s gone

You would miss my annoying presence

You would miss all my talks

You would think about all the memories

Where we didn’t see eye to eye

You might cry remembering my smile

The smile that’s is full of love

When I’m gone you would miss me

But then you are bit late,

Don’t cry when I am gone,

It’s just too late,

Too late

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10 Responses to Don’t cry for me when I’m gone…

  1. deadpoet88 says:

    So sad and heartbreaking. Often people we care about don’t realize how much they matter to us and take us for granted. When they realize, it’s always too late.

    I’ve learned many things regarding friendship and love over the last few months. Great poem, really loved it and could relate to it!

  2. Dakshima says:

    Thanx.. 🙂

  3. Dakshima says:

    There will be crying and lot of sighing, unexplainable sadness for you guys to read.
    Thanx for commenting…

  4. Kavita says:

    That’s so true… when something’s around us, we take it fro granted and even ignore it… but when gone, it haunts us!!!

    Well written, my friend..

  5. I agreed with Kavita, thats why always take a reminder to one self, try to cherish things while they still last until the day it disappear, at least you will not regret, because you had once treasured it 😀

  6. curtdiggity says:

    I like this because its not a Fact its the truth…truth beat facts all the time!!

  7. Dakshima says:

    Thanx 🙂

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