Peaceful descent…

As soon as I posted this poem on my blog, I realized how much it belonged in the Undead world… So, here it is…

She slit throats just for fun
For paltry sums, she would stun
She called handsome men her hun
Then threatened them with a gun

She was known as the Betrayer
The Nabber, the hired Slayer
Of sin, she had on a thick layer
But now, she was getting grayer

She knew, however hard she’d try
The blood and tears would never dry
A wife’s despair, a child’s cry
Haunted her mind thru’ low and high

She finally stepped into the tub
To give herself a gentle scrub
Gore on her hands, she tried to rub
Aware she’s no more than a burnt stub

The water flowed beyond the brim
Fading lights, it all looked dim
Last breath gone, she now seemed grim
Her painted nails floating on the rim

About Kavita

I write my thought Futile or not It matters not much For my heart's such
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2 Responses to Peaceful descent…

  1. Rätsel Ewig says:

    Sin and the search for peace of mind after the regret… wonderfully written!

    • Kavita says:

      Thanks a ton, Rätsel!!! Does one really find peace after committing all those sins? For their sake, I hope they do…
      Glad you liked the read….

      Have a great week ahead, my friend..

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