The End…

I tried

So hard

And still am

Trying like mad


You are blind

Or you

Just pretend


Don’t see

How I


Fed up, tired

It’s going no where

This can’t go on

I have to stop this


For my own good

Although it gives


About Dee

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6 Responses to The End…

  1. Kavita says:

    Sometimes, you just need to let it go…
    When giving everything gets you nothing, then, well, all you can say to yourself is, I’ve done my best…the rest will happen the way it has to…

    But it’s quite heartbreaking….

    Well written…. sad and with feeling!

  2. Dakshima says:

    It is quite heartbreaking in deed, to see things once were with you, in your life, walk away with out a glance.
    Thanks for the Appreciation….

  3. curtdiggity says:

    this is almost a song…I relate to this too much right now…right on!!!

  4. Rätsel Ewig says:

    Exactly what I feel right now, too. Some things we can forget easily, others… well, it takes some time, but we can always get over it. Or so I hope. Nice writing, my friend!

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