I am nothing

I am nothing.
Even if I don’t move,
the world will still shift,
the wind will still blow,
time will still roll.

I am but a single feather,
unable to fly on its own,
fated to fall slowly
towards the ground.

I am but a single piece,
neither good nor evil,
neither a pawn nor a king.

I am but a word in the pages of history,
a single memory in the minds of people,
predestined to quietly vanish
in the hands of time…

I am but a simple being,
unique yet mundane,
bound to disappear
after everything is lost.

I am but a simple poet,
a slave to words,
holding on to them
as if they were the wings that allow me to fly.

I am but human,
flawed, imperfect.
I am nothing,
and to nothing I will return..

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4 Responses to I am nothing

  1. Dakshima says:

    This is wonderful, wonderful poetry.
    Tells the truth that we face everyday, we are nothing to many, just a face, just a memory that is gonna fade away with time.
    well done..

  2. Flawed and predestined, you Are Flying…
    and I am in awe… nice read!! ~Denise

  3. Kavita says:

    This is how I feel too, when I look at the grand scheme of things…
    The last two lines were very powerful!!! Well said, friend! Phheewww….

  4. Rätsel Ewig says:

    Thank you all for the comments! I’m glad we share these thoughts ahaha

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