Flashing Red Neon

Cool blue mesh,

white powder high

flashing red neon


hot summer night

junkie whore sprawled

across a torn mattress

wet satin slip

peeling from her skin

track marks decorate

rail thin arms

crushed beer cans

spilled to the floor

empty jack bottle

resting on its side

cigarette dangling

from my lip

flashing red neon


flashing red neon


flashing red neon


my face in the mirror

I need a shave

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4 Responses to Flashing Red Neon

  1. A journey travelled, yet unmasked in reality to spite yourself.
    This has a Raw appeal in it’s aftertaste… and very well told!
    Thank you for the share, Denise

  2. Kavita says:

    oh gosh!! quite a dark image flashed into my mind… gave me the creeps!
    very well written, my friend…

  3. This was a tale skillfully told. I particularly enjoyed the dab of humor towards the end of it. It’s refreshing to read something that has little cliches, and plenty of soul. 😀

    Small Suggestion: Try and take out the double line spacing just to make it shorter to read.

    • nyyankeeman2 says:

      Thanks all for reading. I didn’t want to double space but i didn’t know how to single space. I’m new to word press and in my personal blog it automatically single spaces and I couldn’t figure out how to double space and here it automatically double spaces and I don’t know how to single space.

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