Walk Away…

I am walking away

Not looking back


I was in doubt

Whether you would still be there

If I looked back

Whether you would miss me

Even though you refuse to

Reveal your thoughts


I decided to walk

Walk away without looking back

This time…

I missed you

Knowing very well

You would not miss me one bit…


About Dakshi

Lost my love.. (Not writing in this blog anymore.)
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6 Responses to Walk Away…

  1. Kavita says:

    But sometimes, one really has to walk away without looking back…. it helps!

  2. Dakshima says:

    I agree.
    But walking away is not the easiest thing on earth, especially those whom we walk away comes after us again..

  3. deadpoet88 says:

    Very sad isn’t it, having to walk away, knowing you’d miss the person like crazy but knowing the person probably wouldn’t miss you. Then again, that’s a very good reason to walk away in the first place, as if they don’t care enough for you to miss you, they don’t deserve you as a friend. Great poem!

  4. last_lines says:

    this struck a chord with me…walking away is the hardest thing….easy to do physically, even mentally but emotionally….its like you are walking away from a piece of your heart…you leave a little of yourself behind when you walk away…
    thank you for posting this poem

    • Dakshima says:

      Yes.It leave you with heartache and wonderment, always checking yourself whether you are doing the right thing.
      Thanx for the feed back..

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