It can’t rain every day

This little boy,
never really had a chance.

Never shown what love was,
never had a place.
always at a loss for words.
Seeking attention,
because something
was better
than nothing.

Punishment better
than distance.

Warmth of pain
until he fell asleep,
like a teddy bear he could hug.

Fighting for affection
but never
measuring up or deserving.
Never enough time,
or money,
or energy.
There was simply never enough to love.

No idea who he was
because he was
whoever was needed.
No idea where he was
because he went
wherever he was wanted.
This little boy,
he never knew
what others did.

He never knew that
he would always be
this little boy,
until the day he died.

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4 Responses to It can’t rain every day

  1. Kavita says:

    Ackk… I hope he stays a little boy, but not THIS little boy…
    I want to see him happier!!

    A beautiful read…

  2. deadpoet88 says:

    So sad, so heartbreaking. Sad to think that many of us are like that little boy, lost in this world, unloved, always seeking but never finding. Great piece!

    I especially loved the lines:

    “Punishment better
    than distance.”

    Often bad behavior is a characteristic of just seeking attention rather than actually wanting to be bad.

  3. last_lines says:

    This brought a tear to my eye…..
    “Never shown what love was,
    never had a place.”

  4. Fatesjoke03 says:

    This was a tough one to write and had to have drastic cuts before it became less biographical and more universal. I think it still fails at being easily applied to the reader but I am happy with how it came out.

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