Friday the 13th Haiku ( Jodi )

Nightmares breathe life
Unholy day, horror is born
Friday the 13th

About Jodi MacArthur

I write omnivorous fiction.
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5 Responses to Friday the 13th Haiku ( Jodi )

  1. lisagailgreen says:

    Oooh I got the chills!

    • Jodi MacArthur says:

      I based this haiku on a dream I had the other night about zombie dolls rising from a library basement. 😉

      • Tim Keeton says:

        Sounds like a potential story idea there, JodiMac…

        Also, Zombie Dolls, nice name for a band, dontcha think? 😉

      • Dude! Write that, write that!
        This haiku will sit between title page and Chapter One.

      • Jodi MacArthur says:

        I might just havta. It’d be sort of fun, huh? If only my poor hand would let me write more! Might need to get one of those dictate programs.

        ps. Zombie Dolls is an awesome name for a band, Tim! Can you imagine how much you can get away with crazy music/costumes? Woo!

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