Free.. Found.. Forever..

A starless night
No one in sight
I was lost alright

On sandy shore
With waves that roar
My hopes, they soar

Squinting my eyes
I watched him rise
From seas to skies

One swift glide
Him by my side
My pain did subside

Two spirits embrace
Hearts out of pace
Returning to undead space…


About Kavita

I write my thought Futile or not It matters not much For my heart's such
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4 Responses to Free.. Found.. Forever..

  1. curtdiggity says:

    I think that I like all your stuff…your style is ….i don’t want to say to put in a box…but its good trust me

  2. Kavita says:

    hehhehe.. thanks a ton!!! Am just plain delighted that you like my stuff!! Yaayyy

    Have an awesome week!!
    And verse on… 😉

  3. last_lines says:

    This makes me think of two souls never parted..even by death…

    • Kavita says:

      You nailed it!!! That’s EXACTLY what this poem is all about.. 2 souls that are not even parted by death !

      Glad you enjoyed this one… Thank you so much!!!

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