You’re the Wind

When the wind blows –
the grass cannot keep her place.
To the strongest fire –
the wind gives it unbelievable strenght.

To me – you are the wind.

When you pass – I cannot keep my place.
Right away, without any words,
you mesmerize me,
captivate all my being,
sway my heart away.

Like a fire – you are the wind that gives me strenght.
A simple word and I move forward,
relentless –
carried away by the breeze.

The world I thought I knew –
you shattered it in front of me.
when I thought everything was lost,
you changed everything –
the world that was in pieces
you brought it anew.

To me, you are the wind;
a gentle, divine breeze
that holds me sway.
I can only ask the heavens,
if the gentle wind that swept my heart away,
will ever return to me someday

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3 Responses to You’re the Wind

  1. deadpoet88 says:

    Beautiful words, lovely imagery. Sad and painful, yet so full of hope. Great work!

  2. Kim says:

    The starts out so gently and can end up a monster, destroying worlds….so true of love and heartbreak…Great poem. Perfect analogy.

  3. Dakshima says:

    wow..I’m amazed…

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