The Battleground

The soldiers are unseen

Camouflaged in skin

Their weapons are lethal

They are elements of torture

They have captured me

Stretched out on a rack

Every muscle screams in protest

Every muscle held in a vice-like grip of agony

My jaw is locked shut

My eyes are blinded as the blades enter

My mouth is slack with pain

My fists tied down, tightly clenched

The torture has only just begun

My body fights to find an inner strength

The needles pierce the back of my neck

I am held in place, too weak to struggle

I try to call out for mercy

I am ready to confess anything

The needles enter my skull

There are hundreds of them

The prison is too bright for me to see

Shadowy figures surround my body

Slowly I feel the needles draining my veins

I try to release the bindings on my limbs

They use my body as a pincushion

I have no more strength to fight

I can feel the weakness take over

My mind tries to fight, to shout

I open my eyes

I stare into blinding white light

The needles in my skull blind me

Bile rises up from my empty insides

I search for the unseen enemy

These faceless soldiers dealing in torment

I open my eyes and see a figure before me

It looks familiar, a faint echo of disbelief

The reflection is myself

My very flesh the rack of agony

I lose hope, I lose the battle against my skin and bone

My body is my battleground, my flesh the enemy torturing me

All rights reserved © Kim Koning

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5 Responses to The Battleground

  1. Kavita says:

    Oh boy!! This was a fantastic poem! The battles one fights with one’s own self, one’s own mind – they are the hardest ones!!!
    And you’ve depicted it wonderfully here….
    It was a very reflective and thought provoking read, Kim…

    • last_lines says:

      Thanks for the comments Kavita… Yes the battles are both literal and figurative right now…
      Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. deadpoet88 says:

    Brilliant, simply brilliant! The imagery was amazing, and the ending was too good. The battleground was the self. Amazing. You have a real talent with words. Great work!

  3. Kim says:

    Thank you for your comments. You are too kind.

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