Rabbits Vs. Pandas

We are near
check that out
requesting for assistance
how much time do we have
the pandas are
massacring our kind
we must not waste time

Reporting reporting
one more down
how much time do
we have to wait
let move out
before everything is
too late

Here come the pandas
with their enormous
gun and bazooka
they aimed us
with pride and honor
run my fellow bits

Flying all over the place
like a bird who just got
its freedom of flight
The pandas fly in the air
Weapons begin to perform somersault
vehicles grow wings and float in the air
upon the sky
hope has appear…


Inspired by this Japanese anime called “Cat Shit One – The Animation”, it is actually a Japanese Animation by Motofumi Kobayashi based on 3 American soldiers and their activities during the Vietnam war and features soldiers and characters from many countries such as China, France, Korea, Australia, Russia and others. The art style definitely has a Metal Gear Solid influence and this is definitely one to watch for early next year. And they are rabbits! In the animation, it is rabbits vs. camels!

But in my poem, I just feel panda is a better choice =O, their appearance is kind of alike though I guess XD Hope you guys enjoy this^^~

Here is the 1st episode of the anime, if you like to see it with English subtitles(There is two parts): Link

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2 Responses to Rabbits Vs. Pandas

  1. Kavita says:

    wow!! This was so graphic and vivid!!!
    Quite amazing… I enjoyed the read and the images it brought to mind…
    It was kinda gory…but sometimes funny too! Loved it

  2. deadpoet88 says:

    Great imagery, really liked it. The ending was cleverly written. Great piece!

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