It was so Easy

It was so easy for you to smile,
As you silently stole my heart,
But never did you think to leave yours behind.
You were sly in your own strange way.

It was so easy for you to build a world of dreams,
To plant seeds of aspirations, and erect these walls,
From the tears and toil of my heart.
A heart that just went on bleeding.

It was so easy for you to hold my hand,
And make promises of security,
Promises that you would stand by my side forever.
Like a fool, I trusted you with all my heart.

It was so easy for you to say those words,
To whisper them softly in the night,
Without a thought about what they mean.
The three words which too can bring much pain.

It was so easy for you to change over time,
And look back and tell me I mean nothing,
To tell me that you deserve someone better,
To tell me that I expected too much by asking for your love.

It was so easy for you to walk away,
To leave me shattered, leave without a second thought.
It was so easy for you to move on with someone else,
When once you promised I would be the last.

It was always so easy to speak these empty words…

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I talk a lot...I write and think a lot too!
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7 Responses to It was so Easy

  1. Kavita says:

    Oh maaaaaaaaaaaannnn… this was beautiful!! Really, I mean it!
    Just yesterday, I was thinking about something, and then ended up wondering in awe at the things we say and share and promise, and then a few months later, it’s all nothing but a bunch of hollow words! And I am honestly amazed to read this poem by you today… cuz it totally reflected my thoughts! Thanks a bunch, DP … you touched my heart with this AMAZING poem …
    When you think something, and someone else speaks it out, it really makes a HUGE impact!
    This was a fabulous poem… phheeww!! I can go on and on.. but I think I should stop right here (for now)…

    • deadpoet88 says:

      Aww thanks Kavita, I am really overwhelmed by your comment! Yes, it really does make a huge impact when one’s thoughts are penned down by another. Glad you liked it, I think most of us can relate to this. Though I guess most of us don’t think twice either before saying something, or promising something. I feel we should all at least try to make an effort to live up to our words, or at least speak them wisely.

  2. Very nice pacing and repetition :3 Wonderful!

  3. How sad… and well worded.

  4. Kim says:

    Hindsight is a beautiful thing! This poem is thought.stopping…It really makes one stop and think. You nailed betrayal.

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