Dance Of The Dead

they dance, the dead
late at night
shuffle with leaden feet

they dance, the dead
music unheard…
in places unknown
unhallowed ground.

they dance, the dead
to and through
shapes swirl and rock
a rhythm strange
dance the night away.

they dance, the dead
lives once lived…
mist rising from the deep
long forgotten
moans, cries
echo their silent steps.

they dance, the dead
robed in rotted shrouds
round and round
in the dark of the moon.

they dance, the dead
slow… bent forms
beat down the open earth
thinly covered
secrets and lies.

they dance, the dead…
they dance
they dance
they dance


About Cassiopeia Rises

I am an artist and a poet writing and living in NYC.
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4 Responses to Dance Of The Dead

  1. Kavita says:

    DARK and BEAUTIFUL !!!
    I loved the repetition you have used here… It really adds to the effect!
    Excellently written… Loved the 4th stanza the most!! IT was very chilling…

  2. Great one. I liked “shuffle with leaden feet” because it set the pace and really brought to mind the hanging, dragging dead zombie feet dancing.

  3. Cassiopeia Rises says:

    Thank you Kavita,I am glad you liked it. I wrote it after reading Elie Wiesel’ “Night”.
    It was truly a terrifying read.


  4. Cassiopeia Rises says:

    GP. thanks for stopping by and reading my poem. Yes the dead are zombie like. Poor restless souls in search of hallowed ground.


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