Big Girl

big girl, trying to fit
your daughter’s size

like it don’t matter
when held real tight
feeling love and vibration

from your pulsating body
smuthered with tendernez
of warm heavy boobs

By who’s authority
do you declare yourself
unfit to love

Shake it, babe
Fuck da fashion police

About gladiuspoeticus

A language freak and poet from The Netherlands (originally from Suriname) using a poetic short sword (gladius poeticus), to freely cut, chop or stab his way straight towards the essence of what needs to be told. Een Nederlandse taalgek en dichter (oorspronkelijk uit Suriname) die het dichterlijk kortzwaard (gladius poeticus) hanteert om zich rechtstreeks een weg te hakken, snijden of steken naar de essentie van hetgeen gezegd wil worden.
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3 Responses to Big Girl

  1. Kavita says:

    hah! Powerful and full of feeling !
    Love the attitude! 🙂

  2. curtdiggity says:

    one word Raw!.. me likey!!

  3. I wrote this against the powerful indoctrination by the fashon world and its unrealistic demands on the female body. thanks guys!

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