Rape by Gally Lines

Poem by Christine Lines, © 2010

They laughed.
Sat there and laughed.
I struggled
to keep in tears
as fears resurfaced
and they laughed.
“I’d rape that meal!”
“I raped him in that game!”
“I’ll rape you in the face!”
Men joking around me
so casually,
so oblivious,
so apathetic
to the real nightmares
haunting countless women
every night
in every city
in every country.

Nightmare Corporeal,
a shadow lurking,
a beast stalking,
ravenous and waiting
as I walked
from car to apartment.
No one answered my screams
as he grabbed me
and gagged me
and dragged me
into his dark lair.
Slammed onto the floor
like a bitch dog,
hair entwined in his greedy grip
like a tangled leash
ripping out of my skull,
cracking under his heavy body.
I kicked and moaned
until he beat me into obedience
with club-like fists
and razor knuckles.
Blood, sweat, tears
trailing down the chain
choking my frail neck,
constricting twisted wrists
as he grabbed my jaw
and squeezed tight, tighter,
thick, bony, calloused fingers
pressing, bruising, crushing
as he whispered,
“Shut up
or I’ll slit your throat.”

and spread open,
I could only watch
as he took off his pants,
panting with anticipation,
his barbed wire uncoiling
and then
slice slice slice
sinking, searing
like a white-hot poker
burning my womb to ashes,
like demon claws burrowing,
carving trenches deep
into my most sacred secret
I had kept to one day share
with my true love.

Defiler, Impaler, Executioner.
I died inside that night
and drowned in the filthy spawn of hate.
A devil’s horn
tearing me asunder
from the inside out
as I laid quaking with pain,
shivering with shame,
quivering with all-consuming fear.

And how they laughed
as they brought memories back
of my torture,
my degradation,
my relentless rapist
with one simple, careless word.


Let me say I’ve never been raped but I know women who have, and I hope you feel their pain in this piece.

I couldn’t bring myself to name this poem “Joking About Rape” or “Rape Joke.”  Rape is rape, is brutal, is unforgivable, and is never a laughing matter so it’s strong enough if I simply title it “Rape.”  It’s a sad, disgusting reality when rape jokes and rape porn — real or fake — are so easy to access.

I’ve had many discussions with women about this topic the last few years since it’s become popular for guys to say “rape” in casual conversation.  For the record, NO, not a single woman I know finds it funny because it’s an all-too-real danger and you never know if you might be joking in front of a rape victim.  Chances are you are joking in front of one or a friend of one.

No open record or FBI statistic can tell you how rampant of a problem rape is; most rapes are unreported because women are too scared or ashamed to tell someone and fear the ridicule they might receive from sick people who believe rape victims are to blame and not the rapist.  The reality is rape occurs daily, prostitutes hide in almost every town, mail-order brides are still shipped across the world, and you’ve probably talked to more than one and never known it.

Think about what comes out of your mouth before you say it; you have no idea how you could hurt someone and promote a culture of insensitivity, sexism, and apathy.

+X+  Gally

Poem © Christine Lines 2010


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9 Responses to Rape by Gally Lines

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  2. Jace Poems says:

    This contest is open to all poets whether published or not, and regardless of experience. Jace Poems

  3. deadpoet88 says:

    Very sad poem, it must be terrible to go through something like that, and to think that we women have to live in this world with fear that such things may happen. I have many friends who make rape jokes, and I am sick of telling them to be more sensitive.

    Your poem has touched upon a very important issue, and it is a really good piece. Sadly such things really happen. It must be very haunting for those women who have been through this to put up with rape jokes. I remember once I overheard some people talking about rape porn, and I could never understand how guys could watch something so brutal (even if it is just faked).

    • Thanks for taking the time to read. Rape is a horrifying issue, nothing to be laughed at or promoted, and it’s ridiculous that a woman would even be made fun of for telling someone to stop making rape jokes or stop talking about rape porn, let alone get raped themselves. I think it’s even harder for good guys to tell other guys to stop because they will act like he should be into it too, but it’s got to stop.

      I don’t understand the psychology behind rape fantasies, but I do know that both men and women have them. And I know that seeing something does not necessarily mean that someone will go out and do it, but rape porn (or even porn when the woman says “no” and sex happens anyway) certainly makes it easier to become desensitized to such things.

  4. curtdiggity says:

    Moving, and mind changing i must admit i have abused the word rape….This has made me aware of my ignorance..thanks

  5. Cassiopeia Rises says:

    Gally Lines, excellent poem. Rape is the killing of the soul. I for one never leave the house at night without my husband. My children laugh at me when I lock all windows and doors. There is a movement in state university’s called Take Back The Night. I am afraid that it is not working. Thanks for the read.


    • Thanks a lot, Melanie :3 The buddy system is a good tactic; I think attacks are less likely to happen in groups. If the military assigns battle buddies and wingmen, so should civilians always have a trusted friend or family member with them if they’re going out at night, on a hike, etc.

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