A solitude that never walks away

Hiding in plain sight,
you cannot see yet it is always there,
a solitude that never walks away
will always be by your side.

It does not matter
whether happiness is there today
or tomorrow it will be –
when time passes
emptiness is all there can be.

Pretend it’s not there –
fool yourself with lies.
The world is a bright place,
wrapped in a myriad of colors –
yet you are always black and white.

Happiness may come
still you will always walk alone
a misplaced piece in the game of life.
While everything else may be gone
with a solitude that never walks away
you will never be truly alone.

– Rätsel Ewig

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6 Responses to A solitude that never walks away

  1. alienhippy says:

    a misplaced piece in the game of life.
    I love this line……. beautiful. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. x

  2. slpmartin says:

    Quite a nice bit of poetry…rather liked your last stanza.

  3. Cassiopeia Rises says:

    Ratsel, this is deep and wonderful poem. I know I have walked this road often enough and I am sure others feel the same. Living in back and wight,seeing no colors best describes the cast of depression. Just full of dark images that walk in our minds.


  4. Kavita says:

    A lovely and insightful piece here…
    No matter what – all the happiness in the world, or the intermittent bursts of sadness – we come alone, we leave alone, and we ARE alone.
    That fact is something we cannot run from, no matter how hard we try…
    But, in our moments of loneliness, finding the companion(s) just so we can share our loneliness with theirs, what makes life so interesting a journey…
    I thoroughly enjoyed this read…

  5. Solitude as a silent companion… that’s why we ramble about, running from it and fleeing into it, for silence is the true nature of the soul and solitude it’s destiny. Thank you, Rätsel!

  6. Rätsel Ewig says:

    Thank you all for the comments… It’s always good to see when people understand what we wanted to convey ^^

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