silent killer

my body is a serial killer
it kills everything i love
my ability to eat oranges, onions, garlic
red meat, shellfish, chocolate pudding, cheese,
whipped cream…

my body is a murderer
it killed my baby, my self-esteem, my shrinking waistline,
my growing sense of confidence, and my ability to
believe everything happens for a reason…

my body is a stranger
with a mind that overthinks, arms that
are weaker than legs, eyes that need glasses,
teeth that needed braces, feet that need orthopedic support…

my body is a terrorist
that rallies against everything, protests loudly in the street,
and tries to blow itself up to prove a point…

my body is a bandage
that wraps itself around me and tries to
protect all its exposed parts, tighter and tighter, to stop
its open wounds from bleeding out…

my body is growing
and skin is rejuvenating around the bullet
hole in my forehead, scabbing over and
hiding the evidence…

my body is my protection from all
the wounds i have sustained and will sustain, it
re-grows and re-shapes, and re-examines itself…

my body is the only barrier i have to everything
i think about, worry about, feel pain about, gossip about,
wonder about…

otherwise, everyone could see, hear, and feel
what i’m really thinking…

About wondrinsoul

Writing what comes to mind helps to make space for new experiences and thoughts to emerge. I am a sponge for knowledge, but every now and then I need to wring myself out so I don't become filled with stagnant, bacteria-filled, regenerated, ping-pong ball like ideas.
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7 Responses to silent killer

  1. Tim Keeton says:

    Wow! Powerful stuff, here.

    I’m following…I’m following, thinking, “OK, I see where she’s coming from here,” and the it gets to:

    my body is growing
    and skin is rejuvenating around the bullet
    hole in my forehead, scabbing over and
    hiding the evidence…

    and I have to remember…

    You’re an Undead Poet.

    Rhyme on!
    (Thus spake the Undead.)

  2. Wow, quite a powerful piece, stuffed with vivid sensations.

  3. Creepy, terrifying. So well controlled – I love the centre/left justifying – it makes it shudder and lurch like a zombie.

  4. Kavita says:

    What an amazing thought!! Body as the protection, and yet the only barrier…
    “otherwise, everyone could see, hear, and feel
    what i’m really thinking…” — TOO MUCH !! How true!! 🙂 And who ever thought of putting it across as you have! Awesome!
    You have worded the thoughts so well, that every line seemed like an ultimate truth!
    This is a brilliant piece!! Phheewww

  5. deadpoet88 says:

    Amazing, a very powerful poem, and full of so much truth! The body is indeed a silent killer, yet at the same time, it protects.

  6. This was truly an amazing and unique concept! Your words were skillfully crafted and poetic. I enjoyed the idea of criticizing the body as if it’s some alien product of our downfall.

  7. zumpoems says:

    Very intense and creative!

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