Waking Sleep

your side of the bed was cold when i woke up today
i reached over for the reassurance of your hand and
grabbed only sheets

i didn’t want to open my eyes because then i
would have to see the lack of your breathing, bump of covers

i clapped my hands over my ears, because i didn’t want
to not hear the soothing rhythm of your breath
in and out, out and in, your leg jerking periodically
as you fought your own demons in your dreams.

i stayed still, forcing my legs to press together tightly
instead of allowing my curious foot to wander over to your side
and my disreputable leg to try to twine around your own leg, pulling
you toward me, your warm half-sleep filled arms wrapping around my waist
and your scratchy morning beard tickling my neck as you buried your face in my back.

i didn’t want to wake up today and face another day without you
so i stayed in bed, drew the curtains, and hoped to see you, and feel you again in my dreams.

**I wrote this for Mag 24 at http://magpietales.blogspot.com/ but wanted to put it here too.  hope all undead poets enjoy…**

About wondrinsoul

Writing what comes to mind helps to make space for new experiences and thoughts to emerge. I am a sponge for knowledge, but every now and then I need to wring myself out so I don't become filled with stagnant, bacteria-filled, regenerated, ping-pong ball like ideas.
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5 Responses to Waking Sleep

  1. “in and out, out and in, ”

    Liked that part a lot. Good stuff!

  2. This is nice. Pain balanced by the memory of pleasure. Especially liked arm wrapping waist and beard scratching neck. [Big smile]

  3. Kavita says:

    “i clapped my hands over my ears, because i didn’t want
    to not hear the soothing rhythm of your breath” – particularly liked these lines a lot!! Very moving..
    A beautiful poem..

  4. deadpoet88 says:

    This was simply amazing. I love how you make it clear that the bed is empty and cold, yet later give the feeling as if he is indeed there, but we all know he isn’t. I absolutely loved your second last stanza. This is truly a brilliant piece!

  5. Great poem, full of emotions and sensations I’ve felt before.

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