Grey and Blood by Gally Lines

Grey and Blood, multimedia art and visual poetry by Christine Lines, © 2010
Made with acrylic paint, waterproof ink, pencil, black and white charcoal, magazine cut-outs, and one black feather

Grey eyes turn up
in the darkest hours of
waiting for the Guardian
to shine a light on
the doomed

Enslaved in Heaven
Damned IN Hell
[GOD] IN Limbo made the world
in his sadistic side
a Perfect World so mad with

Blood eyes judge you
THE world of black and white
be damned.



As an artist, I’ve unfortunately been deprived of varying art media.  I’ve worked a couple times with clay, acrylic paint, watercolor, charcoal and the like in school art classes but never on my own at home because I lacked everything but pencils and colored pencils, hence why most of my art consists of drawings.

But thanks to my amazing, badass husband, I now have new media to work with.  Sensing my restlessness for more creative outlets, he got me a plethora of art supplies and the book Creative Wildfire: An Introduction to Art Journaling — Basics and Beyond.  Today, I’m happy to reveal my first multimedia and visual poetry piece, and hopefully the first in a long line to come.

Like I said with my charcoal self-portrait and Paper Wings and Charcoal Dreams, I love working with thick, rich charcoal.  But I suck painting.  Once I layered the paint with different skin tones and added charcoal to the face and hair, I think the woman turned out okay.  The hardest part was shading the paint on the face just right so it would look like her head is angled up looking at the crow.

As for the poem, I cut out random interesting words from a magazine and laid them out in front of me, stringing words in my mind until I had a poem that fit with the image.  I think having “DOG” upside-down for “GOD” and the little black feather were a nice touch.  The feather landed on my leg while I was outside helping my husband build the high-rise scratching post.

+X+ Gally

Art © Christine Lines 2010
Poem © Christine Lines 2010

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5 Responses to Grey and Blood by Gally Lines

  1. alienhippy says:

    Love this new piece, I have been thinking for a while about using poetry inside my art but I haven’t found my style yet. Looks like you’re onto a winner here. Well done. x

    • Thanks a ton, glad you like it! You should definitely try to do a visual poetry piece of your own, it’s fun and there are so many little details you can add to the increase the impact of your piece. It’s like a picture can be worth a thousand words, but you get to control which ones.

  2. deadpoet88 says:

    Amazing poem, very dark! I especially liked the lines:

    “Blood eyes judge you
    THE world of black and white
    be damned.”

    The artwork is amazing! Great going! And the newspaper cutting was an interesting idea. I should try that sometime.

    • Thank you so much! Choosing and cutting out words from a magazine takes a while, but putting them together into something poetic can take even longer! I spent over a week painting, drawing, cutting, and weaving words together, but oh, was it worth it :3 This pieces hangs on my wall now. Thanks again!

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