Sighs At Midnight – A Poem by Melanie Bishop

Sighs At Midnight

by Melanie Bishop

hushed sighs fill the twilight
dead hours softly they sing
still water over stone and rock
deep in the mindless part of night
when roams the soul and speaks to darkness where light has no dominion.

reflected in the mirror___
sounds and shapes appear
reality distorted, are they there?
plaintive cries against the knocking come
ah, the mistress of mortal shades prevails
as one upon one the forms comely acquiesce.

moving to music unheard…
the pipes of pan sound forth
while dance they may amid the shadows
faces blacker then hell___blacker still
swirl and spin dizzily they spin
eyes shut tight you mind unhinged brims with fear
oh, sweet Savior, how long to morns first light?

fear speaks ever shrilly in grave unhallowed tones
reality twists and turns in the wild kingdom, ancient of old___
make an end to this illusion, this romance with the night
reconcile this relic where dawn has no hold….
black the dirt ever heaves and moves now to cover me.


About Tim Keeton

Flashfiction published by Seedpod Pub. Poetry appears in Read Write Poem 2010 Anthology. Founder & creator of the Undead Poets Society
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One Response to Sighs At Midnight – A Poem by Melanie Bishop

  1. Here is another of my poems.

    Sunday, July 11, 2010
    Dark Matter…Fallen Angel Of Light

    born of dark matter….stardust and light
    mixed with blood-blackened dirt
    we come walling into a void of death
    ours days numbered-measured-named…
    woven in darkness, warp and weft
    the threads lengthen…a legion hand and hand
    a reaping has begun for this…this is his…

    some gone before the spark is lit
    much mourned with tears…envy
    their road never taken…sweet brief
    luminous shimmering-pale spirits
    shine bright…a beacon, a sign of glory
    then weary-weakened by sorrow___
    rise slowly, release and dissipate

    those…who trade souls for time-space
    in the end become delusional…lost
    full of decay, they wander caught in a web___
    stumbling in dense total darkness…blind fools
    reaching out in fear, weeping all to late
    to late…castrated, raped of all will…
    their path mapped out…the trickster has won

    return we then to ashes…dust and overripe rot
    unknown, unwanted, devoid of all reason___
    our proud lustful needs…beaten down
    discarded-trampled dreams, hopes…fade
    for now we follow the Master’s gleeful laughter
    the road freely chosen in vain hubris greed
    dragging hollow-hearts, we die as we came…alone

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