Heavy Breather

Always coming up for air.

Not graceful like a porpoise or pilot whale.
Gasping, clamoring, clawing to the surface.

Further away each time under, and
Growing thicker, towards becoming impenetrable;

A five layer crust of satin, wood, dirt, grass, and flowers.

About The Emotional Orphan

I am a museum of past affection. A wax museum in the sun.
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3 Responses to Heavy Breather

  1. Jodi MacArthur says:

    oh. I like. The first line is great. Also like this:

    Gasping, clamoring, clawing to the surface.

    Fine horror.

  2. The Emotional Orphan says:

    Thanks Jodi- I find it so interesting you see my stuff as horror. I get it, and obviously the choice of work I post here considers that, but it just feels like cathartic statements that have come from specific experiences.

    I was reading the PMM interview. Great stuff, and as it should be, I feel I know you better as a result. Freak…LOL Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Jodi MacArthur says:

    Thanks for reading the interview, Jack. Freak? Yes. The more rumors the better so spread the word! I’m a freak. A spider. An evil scarecrow in Jodi skin. More like a normal average person with a wild imagination and a spirit that is trying to cope with the past.

    How can Heavy Breather not be horror is my question? It’s a person (?) who feels as if he is dead trying to dig his way to life, but there is so much pressure and he feels it is impossible to ever break through. Very metaphorical of feelings, but I personally interpret it as horror too. I wonder if you would like a flash called The Sower. It reminds me of Heavy Breather in so many ways. http://10flash.wordpress.com/genres/10flash-horror-stories/the-sower/

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