Fear or Faith

Fear or Faith

The house slumbers

Silent but for my wife’s peaceful breathing

I should be with her

Safely enveloped in sleep’s warm embrace

But sleep eludes me

The Muse whispers

Sets my heart racing

Stoking the embers of a fire suppressed

Though never extinguished

The Muse calls me from the warmth of my bed

To the solitude of the darkened living room

She calls me to embrace the silence that is not

To reach out, to touch life with my senses

There, just below casual hearing

I can hear it, the background hum of suburban night

But there’s more

A passing car

The laughter of children up too late

A ticking clock

The stench of a neighbor’s cigarette

A hint of pine carried on the night’s breath as it gently kisses my skin.

But reaching out is not enough

“Reach in” purrs The Muse

“Reach deep into your soul

Grasp what lies dormant and shake it!

Awaken it for it is you!”

But I fear what I may awaken

I fear its power

I fear it because it is me

I fear it because it is unknown.

So I must choose

Fear of an unknown self

Fear that I may be forced to change

Faith that God gave me this passion

Faith in my wife’s faith in me

Faith that when I heed The Muse

I feel the most alive.

Fear or faith, which shall I choose?

I walk to the living room.

I pick up a notebook.

I put pen to paper

About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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1 Response to Fear or Faith

  1. wondrinsoul says:

    we all have an inner Muse trying to motivate us to say what we really want to say…I’m glad yours is so persuasive. Good imagery here!

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