Color Of The Earth

Color of The EarthFrances Ayers

Beautiful color of the Earth,that I do love.

You strike my senses and fill my soul with glee.

Your vibrant hues fill the lovely sky above,

And bring out the autumn color of the trees.

Your pumpkin hues and copper shades fill the fields.

Deserts bright and Midwest skies stun our sight.

With glorius light that brightens and yields.

You warm me with your healing touch so bright.

Yet your fire destroys man and beast around,

But also warms all living things on earth.

Of molten lava,clay and rock on solid ground,

You amaze all with your miraculous birth.

Of vibrant fruits the earth does yield to all,

Is a tangy bright citrus  shaped like a ball.

About franny124

I am a 53 year old published poet.Many of my poems have been published in print anthologies as well as online.My poem,"As Old As The Sea,was recently a second runner up in May's contest.Previously,I worked as a Social Worker/Counselor with abused and neglected children.
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2 Responses to Color Of The Earth

  1. jane says:

    Great imagery!
    Lovely poem!

  2. franny124 says:

    Thank You!

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