From Sorrow To Acceptance

From Sorrow to Acceptance -By Frances Ayers

On sorrows’wings I journeyed to a land where I had never been.
Each loss was undiscovered country,landscapes I had never seen,mountains I had never climbed.

I had taken a journey past familiar landmarks I missed, and memories that were past.I had buried the familiar stories and neglected the happiness,which lay buried deep beneath the earth,only now and then pushing to the surface.

I drank from bitter springs and sat among the weeds,neglecting to seperate them from the flowers.
Beheld only the sunsetting but forgot the beauty in each new day.

When I had shed enough tears,I remembered the laughter echoing in the valley and heard the birds chirping a new song.

I saw the sun reflecting on the water.
and instead of weeds,I saw flowers. Where there were empty patches of dirt,I saw seedlings and the possibility of new beginnings.

About franny124

I am a 53 year old published poet.Many of my poems have been published in print anthologies as well as online.My poem,"As Old As The Sea,was recently a second runner up in May's contest.Previously,I worked as a Social Worker/Counselor with abused and neglected children.
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8 Responses to From Sorrow To Acceptance

  1. blackrystal says:

    wow, this is beautiful

  2. franny124 says:

    Thanks! I wrote this as a way of dealing with my younger brother’s suicide.

  3. Joanny says:

    Beauty beyond belief in your powerful words….


  4. Thanks for sharing Frances, and finding healing with your words. Imagine
    a world where we all saw flowers instead of weeds.

  5. ram0singhal says:

    All “creative arts” which include “writing”,”poetry”,”singing” “painting”,”photography”,and various” sports” ,and “hobbies “like “gardening”, “cooking “are like various paths and worship of works are prayers to bring subjective and objective together for creative enlightenment.
    creativity is nature of cosmic intelligence and you are blessed one divine….

  6. franny124 says:

    Thanks everyone!

  7. alienhippy says:

    This is a beautiful poem, I also write poetry as a form of healing. I love your poetry, it is very close to my style and I can relate to where you are coming from. x

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