Erotic Fantasy On A City Bus


Erotic Fantasy On A City Bus

Vacuous eyes staring across the way
Becoming lost in my fantasies and lust
Dreaming up scenarios to escape the day
Escaping boredom on this city bus
I focus on him slithering in his chair
Feeling a desire and longing to touch
Avoiding his glance,he is unaware
of how I desire him,so very much
Suddenly,the bus comes to a halt.
Seemingly occupied,I miss my street
I sprint to the exit,It’s all my fault.
Glad to be away from all the heat.

About franny124

I am a 53 year old published poet.Many of my poems have been published in print anthologies as well as online.My poem,"As Old As The Sea,was recently a second runner up in May's contest.Previously,I worked as a Social Worker/Counselor with abused and neglected children.
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4 Responses to Erotic Fantasy On A City Bus

  1. Franny, so sorry I haven’t commented on your work yet. I’ve absolutely adored all of it so far.
    That said, this piece is right up my alley. I think everyone can relate to this one.
    “…all the heat” indeed!

  2. ram0singhal says:

    divine……..good short day dreaming……

  3. alienhippy says:

    Love this poem….very good. Thank you. x

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