Wednesday Poetry Challenge – Senyru Poetry (with a twist)

I was visiting some other poets’ sites, (The Height of Awesomeness) and came across Senyru Poetry. Here is a description of Senyru from Jingle’s site:

Senyru Poetry, A Fresh Poetry Form 2 Learn
June 7, 2010 by Jingle
What are Senyru?
According to
Senyru are like haiku, except they reveal an aspect of human nature juxtaposed with an image of nature. In contrast, haiku are short Japanese poems that invite us into a shared experience of nature. Both haiku and senryu are expressions of what is called the “haiku moment.” They are a moment of clarity that is similar to the meaning of “awe” in English. They are simple poems that can be said in one breath. In the Japanese tradition, seasonal words are associated with haiku. The use of seasonal words may or may not be used in the senyru genre of poetry.

So, I thought I would give it a try.

A man on a hill,
Looks down at his love and smiles-
Springtime has begun.

Now, here comes the Undead Poets Challenge spin: Create a lovely, benign, Senyru poem. Take said Senyru poem, and twist it; turn it into something dystopian and macabre. Here is my flash attempt on my poem above:

A man on a hill,
Looks down on the destruction-
Armageddon’s fire.


A man with no face,
Cries out to his dying love-
Death has consumed us.

Now you give it a shot.

Rhyme on!

About Tim Keeton

Flashfiction published by Seedpod Pub. Poetry appears in Read Write Poem 2010 Anthology. Founder & creator of the Undead Poets Society
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8 Responses to Wednesday Poetry Challenge – Senyru Poetry (with a twist)

  1. Tim Keeton says:

    Hmm…actually, I just noticed that the second twisted Senyru I did, is really more haiku than senyru…oh well, such is the nature of unedited flash.

    Rhyme on!

  2. A Christmas Tree burried in snow
    waits to be cut down
    It prays to Earth’s core
    “don’t let me be found”

    • Tim Keeton says:

      Velcome Official Member of the UDPS!

      I have added your site to our blogroll, and you are welcome to use the UDPS Member Badge on your site, etc. You also have Contributor rights to this site, so please feel free to wax poetic.

      Rhyme on!

  3. Gally says:

    Very nice! I like your dark twist ;3

  4. Sonu says:

    Thank You for the mention Tim! I liked the last 2 you wrote! Neat! Looking forward to more!

  5. Jodi MacArthur says:

    The first is lovely. The second reminds me of the incredible melting man (yikes)

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