Wednesday Rom-Po blues

Would that I could,
Fair maidens, dashing gents
But I must synopsis-ize and
Rework my story’s end.

Enjoy Tim’s trial as I know
You surely will, or maybe might
I away to my hermit-hole, to
Write mine own writer’s fight.

Breathy two-backed-beasted thoughts
I will doubtless soon reconjure
Not feelin’ the fever right now, but…

I shall again ‘fore too much longer.


Thus spake the undead and tired.
I even rhymed for the Romantic poem challenge. Tim: kin ah git a whut whuuuut?

Happy stanzas, Tony Danzas.


About Margo Rowder

By trade, I'm Social Media Manager for the Television Academy, which taps into my love for filmmaking, design, and storytelling. My latest personal projects include a YA speculative fiction manuscript, 30 Decibels, and a new (not YA) romantic dramedy called SUPPORT.
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15 Responses to Wednesday Rom-Po blues

  1. lisagailgreen says:

    Bravo! Methinks tis wonderful.

  2. soulintention: signed .............bkm says:

    here! here!! – enjoy your hermits- hole….i dare say i do love being a hermit……bkm

  3. Smiles Margo – this is very intertwined.

  4. Get some rest. You’ve earned it.

  5. Jodi MacArthur says:

    Says the sultry lady in the short red dress and a smile. Creative and fun, Margo! You hermit. I cave. Writer that writer’s fight right and we’ll see you on the other side. ❤

    • Jodi MacArthur says:

      Wow, I seriously screwed that sentence up. My witty words are nothing but jello. It was supposed to read. Writer, write that fight right. Or maybe it was, Right, write that fight right, writer… and now I just can’t remember. to many ights.

      • Tighty whiteys!
        Uh, oops, excuse me. [ahem]

        Thanks, Jodi. Glad it was a fun read. Still going – should see the “other side” in a couple of weeks. If I’m lucky!

  6. Tim Keeton says:

    whut whuuuut!
    “hermit-hole” (is that another one of them thar double-entendres?) 😉

  7. [shakes head]
    Thin ice, Tim. Thin. Ice.

    Hahahaha, just kidding.
    …or am I?

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