In woodland vale and faerie glen

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In woodland vale and faerie glen,
With hornèd brow, and manner keen,
Great Cernunnos, beheld I then,
With Nymphs and Dryads was he seen.

His manner fey, his glance serene,
‘mongst revelers held in his sway,
‘midst shadows which remain unseen,
With graceful steps he made his way.

The dance began at eventime,
Such skillful, flowing movement,
Of silken limbs with grace sublime,
How couldst there be improvement?

The wind was tossed, the leaves all blown,
Thus caught, I was enamourèd,
At cock’s crow, all but I had flown,
Ill-used and faerie glamourèd.

So traveler, ‘ware! Stray not this way,
Lest cares and woe befall you then,
Hard trudge, your path, ‘til break of day,
Lest to my fate you be sore ta’en.

About Tim Keeton

Flashfiction published by Seedpod Pub. Poetry appears in Read Write Poem 2010 Anthology. Founder & creator of the Undead Poets Society
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13 Responses to In woodland vale and faerie glen

  1. lisagailgreen says:

    Tim aren’t you supposed to be mountaineering or something? That was an awesome poem. I particularly liked “How couldst there be improvement?”

  2. Tim Keeton says:

    Yep, busted.
    Thunderstorms, etc. My love did not wish to risk it since a woman hiker was struck and killed by lightning here the other day.
    Oh well…

  3. I thought you were somewhere growing a beard and communing with nature. Loved the fourth measure most of all. Very good, sir.

  4. Tim Keeton says:

    Sorry, hair was cut and beard was shorn. I know, “bummer!”
    Glad you liked this flashwork. I figured I should put something out there myself.

  5. soulintention: signed .............bkm says:

    Love it Tim, love the “faeire glamoured”….do love them and the woods ….you can always find them there…..bkm

  6. Jodi MacArthur says:

    A breath of romance and shimmery air. I smell lilacs. You’ve completely enticed me into this world. It reminds me of the Irish tales. Have you read any of those? There is a sense of mischief behind all this, I suspect those fairies are at fault.

    • Tim Keeton says:

      Welcome to the land of Faerie! Rest yourself on this mossy bank; be lulled by the musical tinkling of the flowing water (Just don’t fall asleep, else the world outside pass you by, and don’t eat anything while you are here – some feel you can drink safely, but you take that upon yourself).

      My dear, it is the dark Celtic (with some North Alban Pict thrown in) nature of my soul which entices me to wax poetic. ‘Tis the luck (and the curse) o’ the Irish, this oft times sad, dark, melancholy which infects our very being (I can write some dark stuff at times). It’s a part of who I am, and something to be both cherished and given due reverence.

      Have I read any of the Irish tales? Pshaw! Of course I have…a large chunk of my personal library is Irish history and tales, Yeats, Lady Gregory, older stuff.

  7. Jodi MacArthur says:

    I keep thinking I should have known this about you, Tim. How cool. I hadn’t realized you were a bit o’ da Irish (as am I). And how charming your library is chalked of all these tales and poetry.

    We all have our shadows, we all bleed, and I’m glad you choose to wax poetically to balance yours out.

  8. This is a delight, Tim. The rhythms are light and flouncy.
    From whose perspective is it told? Stanza IV sounds as though told from your lonely camping tent’s POV!

  9. Tim Keeton says:


    By oaths, sworn and ta’en, I am constrained,
    And loathe am I too break them now,
    Unknown, these whereabouts must remain,
    I canst lead none to the faerie how.


  10. ishabelle says:

    i like faeries… i like woodlands… i like the scenery you painted… 🙂

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